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General Information and Terms & Conditions

I specialise in teaching adults but also accept younger students.  I would suggest to parents that, in my experience, children find learning the guitar easier from around 10 years of age and I prefer not to take on students who are any younger.  


Parents are encouraged to remain present during lessons.  This ensures that parents know exactly what has been taught, and is also desireable from a safeguarding point of view.


Lessons are given on a 1 - 1 basis.  I do not teach more than one person at a time.


Lessons take place in a dedicated music room, which is comfortable and well equipped. You will need to bring your own guitar, but amplification and guitar leads are provided.


As well as basing leassons upon each individual's preferred style of music, I use and recommend the books published by Rockschool, the Registry of Guitar Tutors and by Trinity College, London. Whether students wish to take grades or not, this ensures a structured pathway to learning and builds an awareness of the many different facets to playing contemporary guitar.  The books are not expensive and advice about which to buy is given according to whether the student plays acoustic or electric guitar.   Students have the option to take their grades with either Rockschool, the RGT, or with Nationwide Music Examinations.


Other tuitional material may be provided in the form of pdf documents or mp3 audio files.  Both formats are compatible with PC or Mac computers.


You will need a USB memory stick on which to store your music.


I offer appointments during the week from 3.00 pm through till 9.00 pm. 


I prefer lessons to be pre-booked and pre-paid in blocks of four.  I have a busy diary and priority is given to those who pre-book.  I cannot guarantee to keep regular weekly time slots available indefinitely for those who do not.


The cost of lessons is £12.50 per half hour or £22.50 per hour.


My preferred method of payment is via bank transfer.  I can also accept cheques (payable to 'Mark Leathwood'), or cash.  Sorry, I am not able to accept card payments.


I operate a strict 24 hour cancellation policy and  lessons cancelled or missed without adequate notice will be charged for.  In the event that you need to re-arrange a lesson I will do my best to offer an alternative appointment during the same week, or you may carry your lesson over to the usual time and day in the following week.  


I reserve the right to re-allocate lesson times to new students in circumstances where frequent cancellations occur or lessons are missed without notice.



I will be happy to provide you with more details about the tuition I offer. Please use my contact form.  I prefer not to take telephone calls as these invariably interrupt lessons and take time away from my students. 


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Mark Leathwood

Avondale Guitar Tuition
96 St. Georges Road


Tel. 07494 - 544494

E-mail: m.leathwood@gmail.com


Or you are welcome to use my contact form

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